Saturday, July 28, 2012

The HS2000 9mm Pistol: The First Incarnation Of The XD

Way back in the early 2000's, there was a slick little 9mm pistol being imported into the US from Croatia, dubbed the HS2000, it was a well built, dependable handgun that was quite affordable at the time. Springfield Armory saw it for what it was and bought the rights to import it, and thus the Springfield XD series of handguns was born. Military Arms Channel takes a look at this interesting piece of XD history in yet another excellent video:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Gun Owners Must Hold The Line For Freedom

I, like everyone else, was deeply troubled by the shooting in Aurora Colorado last week by a crazed gunman in a theater full of movie goers. This was indeed a horrible incident that could have possibly been prevented. But unlike so many others in the media and in Washington, I don't think more gun control is the answer. I KNOW more gun control is NOT the answer. The fact of the matter is that this individual, Holmes, was a deeply troubled young man. (the circumstances of why I will not delve into here) For whatever reason, either by choice or by coercion he chose to shoot those poor folks. If there had been a armed, well trained civilian carrying in that theater that night, there is the chance that they might have been able to end this madman's reign of terror before so many lives were lost. Do I know that for certain? No. But I do know that since no one was in fact armed, then they definitely could not have stopped him. You see, that theater was a "Gun Free Zone", an area that is designated against anyone carrying a concealed weapon or otherwise from entering the premises. And we see how wonderful and efficiently those signs worked, don't we? The law abiding citizens left their weapons at home or in their vehicles, and the lunatic did what anyone hell-bent on slaughtering people would do, he ignored their pathetic rules and did it anyway. This, leaving the law abiding citizens in a severe disadvantage. We can speculate until Doomsday about the "woulda shoulda coulda"s of the situation, but the bottom line is that if these Draconian gun laws had not been in effect, the body count would have been significantly lower, if at all. The only dead man that night might have been Holmes himself. Almost immediately after the shootings, the mainstream media, at the humble service of the Elite and the Globalists, began pointing fingers at who was to blame for allowing this to occur. They blamed the Tea Party, they blamed the NRA, George Bush again (let me say I am NO GW Bush fan, but lets only lay blame where blame is due), and of course the gun owning public of America. Politicians like Chuck Shumer, Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, you know the usual anti-gun crew, began ringing the warning bell, that "Dear God! WE must take the war on guns to front lines again! Won't someone think of the children?!?!?!" The same nonsense was repeated, albeit more cryptically, by President Obama during his statement on the tragedy. He stated that it was time for America to look into common sense gun laws,that all could agree on. The point is that the American public will never agree on the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, nor should they. Obama and his cronies have been working on gun control measures his entire first term, but it has been done in the shadows and in back room deals with the Elite. The easiest way to feed the people Tyranny is to do it in the most innocent and subtle way. Obama stated that new gun control measures was not on his current "to-do" list, most likely to lull the public back to sleep on the issue. If Fearless Leader Obama is given the green light by whoever actually picks Presidents for a 2nd term, then he pretty much has an open floor to do what he wants as far as gun control. Lame Ducks have nothing to lose. And of course then today an article was released saying that an amendment to the Cyber Security bill had been added that would restrict high capacity magazines in semi-autos. If this passes there are going to be plenty of us who will now be law breakers. Besides talk of the so-called "assault weapons" ban returning, we are now facing threats to our sovereign rights from international organizations in the form of the UN Small Arms Treaty, which would in essence make the 2nd Amendment useless, and would give the UN control over your firearms. The most surprising of all (at least to some, no necessarily to me)how many on the so-called Right are now calling for gun control. Mitt Romney has always been an anti-gun politician going back to his days as Governor of Massachusetts. After the oppressive Federal gun ban "sun-setted" in 2004 Romney signed their own version of the Ban, with even tougher restrictions than the Federal incarnation. All the Romney fans who drape themselves in the Gadsden Flag and beat the war drum of freedom had better chew long and hard on that one. Your little Golden Boy of Liberty ain't so liberty-minded after all. (not to mention the fact that he practically wrote the framework for ObamaCare....but that's for another day) Bill O-Reilly and Bill Kristol, so called Conservative pundits have come out in favor of more gun control, much to the confusion and bewilderment of so many of their true conservative fans who have yet to see them for what they really are. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE in Washington DC or any center of power in the United States wants to preserve your rights, this is a defense that must come from within you. Unfortunately far too many people believe that by trusting their Congressman or Senator to do the right thing, without holding them accountable, that they will just honorably defend the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution. Little do they know that these people not only don't care, but they are actively working to dismantle it. And the Gun Grabbers love it. By using incidents like Aurora, and the Gabrielle Gifford shooting, They want to stir fear in the hearts of the undecideds( those on the fence of gun rights), to create support for their anti-gun and anti-freedom schemes. We gun owners have got to hold the line against these encroachments on our right to self defense. It's up to us to make sure every gun owner, and every individual who supports not only gun rights, but individual liberty, understands the threats that we are facing from the Left, not just Obama, not just Congress or a leftist controlled Supreme Court, but from the Globalists at the UN as well. Freedom can't defend itself, that is our job. Gun Control has never been about making America safer. Because we can see that when it has been enacted, it not only has not worked, it has cost good people their lives. Safety comes from a well trained well armed population. Not from bureaucratic red tape and a sea of laws and restrictions. Remember, the 2nd Amendment has NEVER been about hunting or clay shooting, it have been about the individual American being able to defend himself and his loved ones, from all manner of danger, be it from a crazed shooter in a theater, to an out of control tyrannical government that is hell bent on subjugating it's people.