Sunday, September 23, 2012


Editor's Note:
This is the first article by our newest contributor, LunchBox(obviously not his real name...or is it?). He is a man I am proud to call a fellow patriot, and a friend.


By LunchBox

OK – there are moments to sit and noodle things besides guns and gear. This is one of those moments in time…
Have you paid attention to the news? Everyone is focused on some dumb you-tube video production about the Prophet Mohammad – it appears that all roads taken by most news sources lead to that low-ball production as explaining away the turbulence occurring geo-politically across the world and especially in MENA (Middle East – North Africa).
Well, for those that have decided to engage their faculties, and watch and see what the right hand was doing while the left hand pointed ridiculously at some lame video, a lot was to be revealed in a 7-21 day span:
• Our Libyan Ambassador was assassinated but the Obama Admin’ denied the strike as terror
• The Administration is looking to cut back on Embassy security in the coming year – for real
• Several of our Embassies across MENA were under violent siege and protest
• Gas hit a $4 dollar average in many places – the highest ever
• The USA Credit Rating dropped again to AA-
• Obama blew off a meeting with Netanyahu – to be on the Letterman show
• A Report surfaced about a Russian sub sitting off our Gulf Coast – Any alarm bells?
• China was talking war with Japan over an island dispute – WTF over
• Sequestration of our military could happen soon if Congress does not pass a budget
• The Taliban boldly and successfully raided Camp Bastion in Afghanistan - Epic ISAF fail
• We just passed the mark for the highest poverty rate since 1965 – Got any extra cash?
• The rate of folks on food stamps just doubled – Gov’t handouts = redistribution of wealth
• Our debt is well past 16 trillion and counting as the fed freely prints money digitizing our debt UNCHECKED
• Israel has its back against the wall and may have no choice but to strike Iran on its own
• The Obama Administration spent $70K + in Paki TV time slots to apologize for the US and that Dumb video like we owned it as our collective guilt and fault
…and on and on and on while the news parrots the party line like good little propagandists that some stupid Prophet movie was the center piece of the drama – CLEARLY NOT.
Does any of this make you uneasy? IT SHOULD.
Your society and economy, the whole world system, is degenerating faster and faster before your eyes if you care to look and soon the Nation will find itself in partial collapse, like it or not. Look what happened in Russia as it disintegrated. Think it cannot happen here?
I am a Defense Contractor by vocation, and have spent the last 10 years supporting the Global War on Terror (now labeled an – overseas contingency operation). I have had the uncommon position to have worked in both Iraq and Afghanistan for years and witnessed first-hand the impacts of weak and corrupt government, lawlessness, disrupted economies, and the effects of trans-national terror and civil unrest.
What is worse is that I have made rotations back home during all this time and seen the pronounced changes in our society and way of life in America that are leading us into more domestic instability and conflict each time I rotate home. We are in some pretty dangerous days - it is almost as if there are two Americas. The one ‘Amerika’ flaunted by the Administration’s policies and spending habits, and then the other grounded Americawhere my neighbors live and experience the hardships of a system and society in deep stress and decline.
Sooner or later, ‘that which cannot be sustained won’t’. Are you ready for that day? It is time to get your house in order – for real. I am no sooth-sayer, or swammy who predicts the future. Do your own research. I am just another guy like you who has decided to secure his shit’, get his life straight, and make sure his family is taken care of. This means recognizing the cycle of instability and conflict we are head-long in and planning for a future that may not be so bright. Where are you at? If harder times come fast, what’s your plan? What have you done already? What more can you do? It is time to ask some hard questions. It is time to develop a course of action that supports your family and community – get it right now, or suffer the turbulence of a potentially hard crash.

LunchBox is a private defense contractor, who has seen more crazy shit than most of us will ever seen in our lifetime. When he says something. I pay attention. He's not just some armchair commando behind a computer, he's the real deal.
We are glad to have him on the PG&G team.