Monday, July 22, 2013

The Zimmerman Trial: My Thoughts

With the advent of facebook, people all around the world can chime in on the current events of the day. And after the George Zimmerman verdict last week, everyone on the face of the planet with an internet connection magically earned their law degrees over night. 
And apparently, these arm chair Johnny Cochran's don't have to back up their opinions with any real facts or information. While I am certainly no Antonin Scalia, or a scholar on the framework of law, I do however approach all things with the wish to understand it, and know all of its facts.
I am appalled at the knee-jerk, emotion driven reactions I have seen and heard from every facet of American life regarding the outcome of this case.
People who I have always considered pretty level headed when it comes to all things firearm, and self defense related had somehow been swept up in this fervor that has been so deviously whipped up by the mainstream media. For example, a shooting buddy of mine says to me yesterday on the phone, "Well hell, all that poor little boy was gonna do was beat him a little bit, that's need to shoot him."
Let's analyze that statement. Trayvon Martin was anything but a "little boy", he was a 17 year old with a history of criminal behavior. He was no angel, or some poor weak thing to be pitied.
If someone jumps on you and tells you "You gonna die tonight Mutha%^%a", I would consider that more than a simple beating. If someone does that to me, I will unleash every round at my disposal, until they have ceased the attack or I can see light pouring through the other side of their person.
Most of these people making statements regarding what George Zimmerman should or should not have done, have never once in their life faced the situation where they might have to take a life to save their own.
I have. And it's not fun. Twice I have had a situation where I thought I might have to kill a man to make sure I went home to my wife, and looking back at it now, I wonder if the same thing that occurred with the Zimmerman case could have happened to me. But would it have changed my decision to open fire? Not a chance. I can say that without a doubt I would have sent them to meet whatever dear and fluffy god they happen to believe in. Thankfully, in both cases the situation seemed to cool itself off, once the individual realized that I was not one to be trifled with.
Was George Zimmerman the Good Guy? I'd have to say no.At best he was an overzealous neighborhood watchman who got caught up in his own title, and at worst a guy obsessed with being a "hero", out to save the neighborhood. The worst decision he ever made in life was to follow Martin that night. He screwed up. And now it will cost him his freedom. Even though he will never set foot in a prison for this, his life is now forfeit, the days of simple living are over. That is a man that will look over his shoulder for the rest of his life, never knowing what might come his way. He is going to reap what he has sowed. Although, on a side note, has anyone ever considered the unknown factors that well will never be able to calculate? What if he had never paid Trayvon Martin one bit of attention that night, and later on down the line, the punk kid ends up hurting or killing someone, someone's wife or child? Would Martin be your little angel boy in the hoodie then?
The idea that Zimmerman did this all because Martin was black, some sort of "White on black violence" is ridiculous, and frankly offensive to my intelligence.
Zimmerman is Hispanic, an Obama supporter (don't know if he is now, since Lord Obama all but called for his head)
and even started an activism committee, after a homeless black man was savagely beaten by the cops, in the end it cost the chief of police and if I remember correctly, a couple of officers their jobs. (Maybe a reason why they were so quick to charge him, a little payback perhaps). Zimmerman might be a lot of things but racist isn't one of them.
The whole situation has been warped, twisted and manipulated by the likes of MSNBC (which is some of the dumbest garbage on TV) as well as their counterpart on the other end FOX News (equally as asinine) into a race issue that is cutting a deeper wound in this already dying nation. America will not be able to take much more of this.
And people are playing right into their hands. Ask yourself this, if George Zimmerman had not been armed that night, and Trayvon Martin would have made good on his threat to "kill a mutha$&%^a," do you think anyone would have given a damn about a dead white guy , or Hispanic guy...depending on how the media would have liked to portray or not portray it?
In the end, who was the real victim here? Poor Trayvon Martin, the "sweet little kid" who just wanted to be left alone, or poor George Zimmerman , the "Heroic watchman" guarding his neighborhood?
In the end, the American people are the real victims, drawn in on falsehoods and lies, perpetrated by an out of control media machine operating under order from the Administration's cronies.
In the end, Self defense laws, gun rights, Stand Your Ground laws will all take a hit, and the control freaks in this country will be eating it up with a spoon.
As for me, I will continue to live by the old saying "It's better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6."