Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Desert Tactical Arms SRS Covert Review From Military Arms Channel

Tim from Military Arms Channel takes the Desert Tactical Arms SRS Covert out for some testing.
It's definitely a compact little package and has several ambi- controls not usually seen on a bolt action rifle.
We also learn that microwaveable pizza bites is the breakfast food of a true rifleman.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Is Armed Citizens United The New NRA?

For as long as any of us can remember, National Rifle Association has been the leader of the pack when it comes to firearms advocacy groups. With their vast funds and widespread network, they have been the power of the gun owner in Washington...or have they?
There are a lot of people out there that feel that the NRA has sold out many of us in the name of "common sense co-operation", and in conceding in certain areas of the gun rights fight, they have let down the folks who have been counting on them to fight the big fight against the politicians in DC.
One option to the NRA has been the GOA, or Gun Owners of America, and they have always campaigned themselves as the "zero compromise" gun group.
Now, we have a 3rd option in the fight for gun rights, in the form of Armed Citizens United.
According to their promoters, they plan to take the fight where the other gun rights groups are not willing to go. They plan to reaching out to America's youth, who so many have been brainwashed to fear gun ownership.
According to their website, these are their initiatives for 2013 through 2014:
 ACU 2013-14 Initiatives
  • Be the first to respond in every national gun related crisis and/or gun debate with a proactive PR and media approach
  • Contribute to a stronger 2nd Amendment lobbyist presence in Washington D.C.
  • Lead letter writing, postcard and social media advocacy campaigns
  • Organize Voices & Represent Nationwide
  • Continue to strengthen our grassroots and local associations with finances and media tools
  • Provide resources for events, training and education for local organizations that have demonstrated merit
  • Provided updates, current and relevant web content that is of true value
  • Proactively establish a Public Relations and press/media presence
  • Provide email blasts, mailers and newsletters that have relevance and provide real value
  • Leverage our media contacts to ensure our voices are heard
  • Provide members content for websites, blogs and videos
  • Establish a Grant Program for State and Local organizations
  • Assist in promoting shooting sports
  • Lead crowdsourcing initiatives
  • Provide legal services
  • Armed Citizens – 101 Series
  • Provide videos, articles, links and white papers
  • Develop Law Enforcement education sessions with our inside experts
  • Provide concealed carry info, what you really need to know, updates that you should be aware of
Our Continuing & Long-Term Objectives
  • Lead the charge for 2nd Amendment advocates that organize at every level in every state. Federal, State and Local.
  • Become the trusted resource for gun owners and those that believe in the 2nd Amendment by providing a platform for high quality writers, videographers and other 2nd Amendment advocates who offer ideas and information to share with our national community.
Among the members of its founding board, is Tim Harmsen, host of the Military Arms Channel on Youtube.
We're sure you have seen his videos on here as well as in every aspect of the gun community. Tim is one of our favorite firearm and gear reviewers, and if he is willing to help build this from the ground up, it's something worth standing behind, in our opinion.
Please, know we are NOT suggesting you leave the NRA, or the GOA. Due to the current climate in America, any and all pressure on the anti-gun zealots in America is good pressure. This is merely a suggestion for an additional friend in fight. 
ACU is still in its infancy, but in time it certainly may become the leading force in the battle to preserve our fundamental right to keep and bear arms, without capitulation or compromise.
If you wish to learn more about Armed Citizens United, please go to their website HERE:
Also they have a Facebook page as well: