Monday, December 17, 2012

In The Aftermath of Tragedy, Tyranny Rears It's Ugly Head Once Again

by Patriot Ex Machina

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the past week, you are fully aware of the terrible school shooting that took place in Connecticut on Friday. While I could pontificate on the philosophical aspects of such a tragedy, I leave that to the religious leaders and the soul searchers. The simple fact is, Evil walks among us. It doesn't care your age, creed, color or gender. It reaps its wicked crop from anyone it can. That is just how it is.
As we move forward from the events that have shaken the foundations of an already fragile Republic, I am sure you are aware that the bodies of the poor victims were barely cold before the members of the drive by media and the anti-gun political agenda began beating the war drums of " bans, restrictions, and all out confiscation". And strangely while this somehow seems to be fully acceptable, those on the side of the pro-gun camp seem to be looked upon as callous or uncaring when we defend our fundamental freedoms quickly in light of the incident. It seems what is good for the Liberal Goose is not necessarily good for the Freedom Minded Gander.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by any of the quick cries of gun control from the Left, after all, it was Obama's good friend Rahm Emmanuel who uttered "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Of course the Gun Grabbers would jump on such a horrible tragedy and exploit it to their own ends, it's part of their standard operating procedure. Nor should I be shocked by the media's capitulation to this behavior. The media have become the virtual whores of the State's machine, willing to push whatever agenda that the Administration puts in front of them. It seems that the so called "conservative media" is willing to climb into the sack with their left wing counterparts on this issue as well; several "conservative" pundits on Fox News, now calling on new gun control regulations ... all of it "for the sake of the children."
The wave of anti-gun mentality is not limited to just the government or the media, it seems to be spreading like a virus among the populace as well. I myself was put on notice this weekend that I am no longer welcome at a certain family Christmas get-together because they are no longer comfortable with having a gun owner in their home. This isn't just some co-worker or acquaintance, this is my relative and blood kin. I must say, I am rather disappointed in him, and thought better of him. I suppose I will not be missed at Christmas, and while I am not even that concerned with my un-invite since if they think that little of me to begin with, I'm certainly not missing out on much, I cannot help but wonder how many other good, decent law abiding gun owners are now going to experience such stigma and treatment from former friends, mis-informed family, and overzealous co workers. This is a slippery slope that we as a nation are headed down. Once you reach the end of this, there will be no going back. That should concern all of us.
What more can you really say about all of this? You can quote statistics, you can present the evidence proving that gun ownership is a deterrent to crime, and can preach from the rooftops about the fundamental principles of our Founding Fathers, you can defend the notion that the 2nd Amendment exists to protect the people from a tyrannical government. All of these points aside, if the people will not listen, then you are wasting your breath and precious time. When the talking ceases to be effective, action is all you have left.
I have no idea what is in store for the free Patriots of the Republic, but I am sure it isn't going to be pleasant, and it is going to require a lot of inner searching among us all. Are we willing to defend our Rights that were bestowed on us by the Creator, or are we willing to simply roll over like a good little lap dog, and let Big Brother run every aspect of our lives.
No society who have given up their rights to privately own firearms have anything beneficial to show for it. It has led to more death, more tyranny, more erosion of freedom.
I suppose I am a dying breed. There are fewer and fewer of us as time goes by, and frankly, it's getting pretty damn lonely.
But no one said doing the right thing would be easy or enjoyable.
Molon Labe.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Tavor is Coming to the United States

Image by Military Arms Channel

After quite a bit of speculation, the rumors are indeed comfirmed. The Tavor will be coming to the US very soon, possibly as early as 1st Quarter of 2013.
For those of you who somehow may not know, the IWI Tavor bullpup rifle is the state of the art weapons system of the Israeli Defense Force.
It features ambidextrous controls and ejection that can be changed out to fit the particular user, it utilizes AR15 style STANAG magazines, and gives the end user a lightweight,reliable, weapon system.
The main bugaboo that I have is the price tag. Possible MSRP of $1900 is WAY out of my ballpark. But if it lives up to it's reputation, then for the folks out there with deep pockets it may be worth every penny.

Sturmgewehre from Military Arms Channel apparently bribed someone or something and managed to get a sneak peek at this awesome little package.
MAC's Article:

MAC's Sneak Peek Video:

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Editor's Note:
This is the first article by our newest contributor, LunchBox(obviously not his real name...or is it?). He is a man I am proud to call a fellow patriot, and a friend.


By LunchBox

OK – there are moments to sit and noodle things besides guns and gear. This is one of those moments in time…
Have you paid attention to the news? Everyone is focused on some dumb you-tube video production about the Prophet Mohammad – it appears that all roads taken by most news sources lead to that low-ball production as explaining away the turbulence occurring geo-politically across the world and especially in MENA (Middle East – North Africa).
Well, for those that have decided to engage their faculties, and watch and see what the right hand was doing while the left hand pointed ridiculously at some lame video, a lot was to be revealed in a 7-21 day span:
• Our Libyan Ambassador was assassinated but the Obama Admin’ denied the strike as terror
• The Administration is looking to cut back on Embassy security in the coming year – for real
• Several of our Embassies across MENA were under violent siege and protest
• Gas hit a $4 dollar average in many places – the highest ever
• The USA Credit Rating dropped again to AA-
• Obama blew off a meeting with Netanyahu – to be on the Letterman show
• A Report surfaced about a Russian sub sitting off our Gulf Coast – Any alarm bells?
• China was talking war with Japan over an island dispute – WTF over
• Sequestration of our military could happen soon if Congress does not pass a budget
• The Taliban boldly and successfully raided Camp Bastion in Afghanistan - Epic ISAF fail
• We just passed the mark for the highest poverty rate since 1965 – Got any extra cash?
• The rate of folks on food stamps just doubled – Gov’t handouts = redistribution of wealth
• Our debt is well past 16 trillion and counting as the fed freely prints money digitizing our debt UNCHECKED
• Israel has its back against the wall and may have no choice but to strike Iran on its own
• The Obama Administration spent $70K + in Paki TV time slots to apologize for the US and that Dumb video like we owned it as our collective guilt and fault
…and on and on and on while the news parrots the party line like good little propagandists that some stupid Prophet movie was the center piece of the drama – CLEARLY NOT.
Does any of this make you uneasy? IT SHOULD.
Your society and economy, the whole world system, is degenerating faster and faster before your eyes if you care to look and soon the Nation will find itself in partial collapse, like it or not. Look what happened in Russia as it disintegrated. Think it cannot happen here?
I am a Defense Contractor by vocation, and have spent the last 10 years supporting the Global War on Terror (now labeled an – overseas contingency operation). I have had the uncommon position to have worked in both Iraq and Afghanistan for years and witnessed first-hand the impacts of weak and corrupt government, lawlessness, disrupted economies, and the effects of trans-national terror and civil unrest.
What is worse is that I have made rotations back home during all this time and seen the pronounced changes in our society and way of life in America that are leading us into more domestic instability and conflict each time I rotate home. We are in some pretty dangerous days - it is almost as if there are two Americas. The one ‘Amerika’ flaunted by the Administration’s policies and spending habits, and then the other grounded Americawhere my neighbors live and experience the hardships of a system and society in deep stress and decline.
Sooner or later, ‘that which cannot be sustained won’t’. Are you ready for that day? It is time to get your house in order – for real. I am no sooth-sayer, or swammy who predicts the future. Do your own research. I am just another guy like you who has decided to secure his shit’, get his life straight, and make sure his family is taken care of. This means recognizing the cycle of instability and conflict we are head-long in and planning for a future that may not be so bright. Where are you at? If harder times come fast, what’s your plan? What have you done already? What more can you do? It is time to ask some hard questions. It is time to develop a course of action that supports your family and community – get it right now, or suffer the turbulence of a potentially hard crash.

LunchBox is a private defense contractor, who has seen more crazy shit than most of us will ever seen in our lifetime. When he says something. I pay attention. He's not just some armchair commando behind a computer, he's the real deal.
We are glad to have him on the PG&G team.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The "299 Days" Book Trailer

It's just a few more weeks until Glen Tate's anticipated novel series "299 Days" debuts with Book One and Book Two. I know a lot of folks are excited to see this series get published, and I am one of them. I had the chance to read it before few others, and I cannot wait to see it in printed version. So to tease you a little more, here is the sneak peak trailer: I have to admit, I'm a little bit partial to this. I created it, and then with some creative tweaking from the Prepper Press crew, this is the final product. Remember, Books One and Two both debut this September.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tapco's Gen 2 Ruger Mini 14 Magazines

Regardless of all the guns I have had a chance to shoot and own over the years, there has been something that always intrigued me about the Ruger Mini 14. Based on the same action as the M1 Garand and the M1A but chambered in .223/5.56 NATO, the Mini 14 and it's variants has been a solid choice of American gun owners for varmint control, pest dispatching, recreational shooting, and home defense since 1973. It's a reliable design, simple to operate and while not super accurate, it is adequate for what it was intended to be. The one thing that has been a real problem for Mini 14 owners for a long time is a lack of decent quality aftermarket magazines for this weapon system. Sure, there have been some hits and misses over the years but for the most part, the best way to keeping your Mini functioning and feeding properly was to use the Ruger factory magazines. And unfortunately Ruger factory magazines are quite expensive, unless you find a good source out there on the internet ( a great place to find them is on your favorite gun forum's swap meet sections). So in looking for a viable alternative to the factory magazine, I came across the Tapco Gen2 synthetic magazines. Honestly, Tapco products have been hit or miss with me over the years, some I have liked,others....not so much. I had read about some serious issues that owners had with the Gen 1 magazines, such as the feed lips flaying open when left loaded,cracks in the body of the mag itself, and the hole in the front of the mag with it locks into the mag well tended to wallow out. Not really a comforting thought when looking for a strong contender for top aftermarket magazine. But I kept an open mind when I decided to try out the Gen2 Mini 14 magazines. So I had Sal at Carolina Guns and Gold order one and let me run it for awhile, and see what happens.
( gotta give a shot out to my peeps, ALWAYS A GOOD SOURCE for firearms and accessories in the Central NC area, check out at and on facebook at
 My initial thoughts when it arrived: It's light, much lighter than the standard factory steel magazine. So when loaded, and in the weapon, this polymer mag is going to save you on weight to a degree. The seams on the magazine seem good, feels solid. The magazine follow is anti-tilt, the spring seems strong, and the new metal reinforcement on the front of the magazine should help extend the life of the magazine's locking lug.
 After looking it over, I took it out to the range to test it out. I started with a full 90 rounds( obviously, not all at once...30 rounds in 3 sessions of loading and shooting) of PMC brass .223 Rem, as fast as I could hangups. It fed smooth and no issues whatsoever. I'm feeling pretty good about this. I filled the mag with another 90 rounds ( once again, obviously not at once, 3 loads of 30....) of Winchester 5.56 NATO (brass case as well). Once again no issues. I am now feeling even better. I figured I would mix it up a bit, and I loaded it with lacquer coated Wolf Military Classic .223 Rem steel cased ammunition, and let her rip. I had a slight hangup right at about the 13th round, but I think it may have been an issue with how I had loaded the mag. The rest of that set of 30 fed properly. And finally I ran 90 rounds of MFS brand .223 Rem which is a zinc plated steel cased ammo, and no issues occurred. This was by no means a scientific or professional test, but I am neither scientific nor professional. But from what I saw that day, I am definitely willing to give the Tapco Gen 2 mags a second look. I will be ordering a couple more from Sal and the guys at CG&G in the near future, and I hope to be able to give them a far more extensive test. Price point on these mags are somewhere between $15 and $20, depending on your source. Also for you poor souls living in a Communist-occupied state such as California or New Jersey, these are a no-no for you since they are 30 rounders.

 ADDITIONAL INFO: Cheaper Than Dirt's Article on The Gen 2 Mags as well as

Sunday, August 12, 2012

"299 Days": A Realistic & Plausible View Into A Future Collapse

REVIEW BY Patriot: Ex Machina
Well, as a fan of all things relating to self-sufficiency, survival, patriot related topics, firearms and the preservation of our right to bear them, I am always looking for new reading material relating to these subjects, whether they be fiction or non-fiction. Recently, a good friend of mine and member of the PG&G team (all two of us) Glen Tate, penned a series of novels chronicling a possible future collapse of our system,the fall out from such an event, and the effects of it on the lives of the people of the once-United States. I was honored to be one of the first to actually read the novels, in it's draft form, and even with the rough edges it has drawn me in with it's compelling and gritty story, it's believable characters, and it's overall message of self sufficiency. I think the summery of the story from the official website describes it best:
"The 299 Days series, published by Prepper Press and written by Glen Tate, is a ten-book novel about the collapse of the United States. In it, the main character, Grant Matson, has a job that allows him to see what’s wrong with government. He realizes he needs to prepare for what’s coming and he does so. His wife, Lisa, is reluctant to prepare because she thinks things are just fine. When the civil unrest and political collapse hit in a dramatic way, it is undeniable that they need to leave their Olympia, Washington home and head to their cabin. But, Lisa is still reluctant; she desperately wants things to remain “normal.” Out at the cabin, a collection of amazing–yet real–people assemble. They create their own community because the government isn’t functioning in their area. They have to work together and, as a community, they manage to achieve some impressive results. Unlike most prepper stories, in 299 Days America suffers a partial collapse. The utilities stay one (due to a spell-binding plot twist) and the government functions in larger cities. People in rural areas still get some food and services from the government, but must increasingly rely on themselves. There are no zombies or cannibalism; 299 Days describes a much more likely partial collapse scenario. Grant’s friends, who work in government, describe how things continue to go down hill in the city and how the government is trying to maintain control. They describe exactly why the government, as big and powerful as it once was, cannot control things. Many in the military and law enforcement step in to stop the bad things; others in the military and law enforcement perpetuate the bad things. After a while out at the cabin, some important visitors arrive and present Grant with a difficult choice. Eventually, the Patriots–the side Grant is on–are forced to take on what’s left of the former government. There is a huge battle. In the end, Grant has an important job at the beginning of the rebuilding."
"299 Days" isn't your typical " civil unrest/collapse of society" fiction, no nuclear explosions, no EMPs, no zombies, not even a teensy little asteroid to be found in the entire series. No, Glen gives us a far more realistic and terrifying threat: Ourselves. There is nothing more deadly to the human race, than humanity. It's a sober real look at what happens when a government and a society has stretched itself too thin and allowed it's arrogance and decadence to overshadow it's principles and it's morals. As the Collapse takes place in the story, Man practices his fine art of self destruction, as his hand made god, the State, struggles to keep a firm grip on the people; by coercion,by brute force, by any means that it has. The characters are believable, as they should be. The protagonists are the kind of people you want to be friends and allies with, while the villains, and I do mean villains , will make you want to bash a skull in with rage. That's what I want a novel to do, make me believe in characters to the point that I am lost in the story. And 299 Days does just that. I will not give any spoilers away, and I don't want to delve into the story too much, until the book is widely available. Read "299 Days". In my humble opinion, it's about as real as a SHTF novel gets. ( I am in no way biased due to the fact that Glen is an awesome human being, a good friend, or that he may or may not have included me in his fine cast of characters. wink wink) P.S. If you register at the official website, you will receive bonus chapters that Glen has written to enhance certain aspects of the story.
The Official Website:
Also check it out on facbook:

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The HS2000 9mm Pistol: The First Incarnation Of The XD

Way back in the early 2000's, there was a slick little 9mm pistol being imported into the US from Croatia, dubbed the HS2000, it was a well built, dependable handgun that was quite affordable at the time. Springfield Armory saw it for what it was and bought the rights to import it, and thus the Springfield XD series of handguns was born. Military Arms Channel takes a look at this interesting piece of XD history in yet another excellent video:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Gun Owners Must Hold The Line For Freedom

I, like everyone else, was deeply troubled by the shooting in Aurora Colorado last week by a crazed gunman in a theater full of movie goers. This was indeed a horrible incident that could have possibly been prevented. But unlike so many others in the media and in Washington, I don't think more gun control is the answer. I KNOW more gun control is NOT the answer. The fact of the matter is that this individual, Holmes, was a deeply troubled young man. (the circumstances of why I will not delve into here) For whatever reason, either by choice or by coercion he chose to shoot those poor folks. If there had been a armed, well trained civilian carrying in that theater that night, there is the chance that they might have been able to end this madman's reign of terror before so many lives were lost. Do I know that for certain? No. But I do know that since no one was in fact armed, then they definitely could not have stopped him. You see, that theater was a "Gun Free Zone", an area that is designated against anyone carrying a concealed weapon or otherwise from entering the premises. And we see how wonderful and efficiently those signs worked, don't we? The law abiding citizens left their weapons at home or in their vehicles, and the lunatic did what anyone hell-bent on slaughtering people would do, he ignored their pathetic rules and did it anyway. This, leaving the law abiding citizens in a severe disadvantage. We can speculate until Doomsday about the "woulda shoulda coulda"s of the situation, but the bottom line is that if these Draconian gun laws had not been in effect, the body count would have been significantly lower, if at all. The only dead man that night might have been Holmes himself. Almost immediately after the shootings, the mainstream media, at the humble service of the Elite and the Globalists, began pointing fingers at who was to blame for allowing this to occur. They blamed the Tea Party, they blamed the NRA, George Bush again (let me say I am NO GW Bush fan, but lets only lay blame where blame is due), and of course the gun owning public of America. Politicians like Chuck Shumer, Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, you know the usual anti-gun crew, began ringing the warning bell, that "Dear God! WE must take the war on guns to front lines again! Won't someone think of the children?!?!?!" The same nonsense was repeated, albeit more cryptically, by President Obama during his statement on the tragedy. He stated that it was time for America to look into common sense gun laws,that all could agree on. The point is that the American public will never agree on the destruction of the 2nd Amendment, nor should they. Obama and his cronies have been working on gun control measures his entire first term, but it has been done in the shadows and in back room deals with the Elite. The easiest way to feed the people Tyranny is to do it in the most innocent and subtle way. Obama stated that new gun control measures was not on his current "to-do" list, most likely to lull the public back to sleep on the issue. If Fearless Leader Obama is given the green light by whoever actually picks Presidents for a 2nd term, then he pretty much has an open floor to do what he wants as far as gun control. Lame Ducks have nothing to lose. And of course then today an article was released saying that an amendment to the Cyber Security bill had been added that would restrict high capacity magazines in semi-autos. If this passes there are going to be plenty of us who will now be law breakers. Besides talk of the so-called "assault weapons" ban returning, we are now facing threats to our sovereign rights from international organizations in the form of the UN Small Arms Treaty, which would in essence make the 2nd Amendment useless, and would give the UN control over your firearms. The most surprising of all (at least to some, no necessarily to me)how many on the so-called Right are now calling for gun control. Mitt Romney has always been an anti-gun politician going back to his days as Governor of Massachusetts. After the oppressive Federal gun ban "sun-setted" in 2004 Romney signed their own version of the Ban, with even tougher restrictions than the Federal incarnation. All the Romney fans who drape themselves in the Gadsden Flag and beat the war drum of freedom had better chew long and hard on that one. Your little Golden Boy of Liberty ain't so liberty-minded after all. (not to mention the fact that he practically wrote the framework for ObamaCare....but that's for another day) Bill O-Reilly and Bill Kristol, so called Conservative pundits have come out in favor of more gun control, much to the confusion and bewilderment of so many of their true conservative fans who have yet to see them for what they really are. NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE in Washington DC or any center of power in the United States wants to preserve your rights, this is a defense that must come from within you. Unfortunately far too many people believe that by trusting their Congressman or Senator to do the right thing, without holding them accountable, that they will just honorably defend the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution. Little do they know that these people not only don't care, but they are actively working to dismantle it. And the Gun Grabbers love it. By using incidents like Aurora, and the Gabrielle Gifford shooting, They want to stir fear in the hearts of the undecideds( those on the fence of gun rights), to create support for their anti-gun and anti-freedom schemes. We gun owners have got to hold the line against these encroachments on our right to self defense. It's up to us to make sure every gun owner, and every individual who supports not only gun rights, but individual liberty, understands the threats that we are facing from the Left, not just Obama, not just Congress or a leftist controlled Supreme Court, but from the Globalists at the UN as well. Freedom can't defend itself, that is our job. Gun Control has never been about making America safer. Because we can see that when it has been enacted, it not only has not worked, it has cost good people their lives. Safety comes from a well trained well armed population. Not from bureaucratic red tape and a sea of laws and restrictions. Remember, the 2nd Amendment has NEVER been about hunting or clay shooting, it have been about the individual American being able to defend himself and his loved ones, from all manner of danger, be it from a crazed shooter in a theater, to an out of control tyrannical government that is hell bent on subjugating it's people.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Military Arms Channel:UW Gear AK Magazine Pouch Bandoleer

In recent years, the AK style of rifle has really grown in popularity among US gun owners, particularly among the tactical crowd and the preparedness minded individual. The simple design, along with the affordable price tag of many decent AK rifles has been a blessing for many folks who want a reliable, no frills rifle for a long term defense situation. Companies have been releasing various accessories and support equipment for the AK and it's variants, some of these accessories have been better than others. One of the areas that I have always thought was a bit lacking in options for the tactical minded, prepared civilian is good quality magazine gear. There are plenty of chest rigs, vests, armor, and whatnot geared toward Military, and law enforcement. But someone needed to come up with some no frills, reasonable equipment for the average guy. UW Gear has done so. Military Arms Channel takes a look at UW Gear's AK Mag Pouch Bandoleer and the innovations that are just too simple to fail. FOR MORE INFO, VISIT UW GEAR'S WEBSITE:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Windham Weaponry: The "New" Old Kid On The Block

If someone asked you if you had seen a Windham Weaponry AR-15, up until recently you would have probably said no. I myself was a bit puzzled the first time I saw a Windham Weaponry AR on the gun shop rack. In the last few years it seems everyone and their brother has jumped onto the AR-15 bandwagon, some with more success than others. So when I saw yet another AR, I thought to myself "more rookies." I, obviously, did not know what the Hell I was talking about. After doing some research I discovered that Windham Weaponry is not just some fly-by-night, shadetree machine shop that thinks they can crank out an AR like a cookie cutter. They have a bloodline that goes back to the once top name in the AR-15 industry. Bushmaster Firearms, under the leadership of company founder Dick Dyke, was once the top bar that every other AR manufacturer aspired to. As a kid growing up around firearms, I can remember a time when Bushmaster was synonymous with "AR". As far as my stepdad was concerned, there was no other game in town. These outstanding weapons being crafted in the shop in Windham, Maine were the biggest kids on the block. Even through the infamous Clinton Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, Bushmaster still managed to crank out quality AR-15s that were highly sought after, albeit with the required "Neutered" features. After the sunset of the Ban, more traditional designs returned to the market, and business boomed for Mr. Dyke's company and in 2005, Cerberus Capitol (under the moniker The Freedom Group) bought the company from him, and rolled it into a large stable of firearm manufacturing and firearm related companies. Last year, Freedom Group closed the doors on the Windham, Maine factory, and moved operations under the roof of the Ilion, NY plant where they also crank out the Remington series of rifles. The loyal team of employees that had been dedicated to Bushmaster for over a quarter of a century were in essence told to piss off, they weren't needed anymore. Such is the case these days in American Manufacturing. To be an EMPLOYED manufacturing worker puts you in a unique category, the likes of the unicorn, the Sasquatch, etc. But that is where the Bushmaster story ends, and a new story begins. When dear old Mr. Dyke heard about the screw job that had been set upon his former employees, even at almost 80 years old, he decided to do something about it. Mr. Dyke bought his old factory back, bought his old machines from the auction, tooled back up, and hired his crew back. And so Windham Weaponry was born. Windham Weaponry isn't just a company that supplies rifles to the American public, they are a example of what is right in American industry. Mr. Dyke is the kind of boss I would want to work for, a man who apparently thinks more of his employees and the moral legacy he leaves behind, than about making a buck. I believe in the Free Market system, but with Capitalism comes the need for a moral compass. And I'd say Windham Weaponry is pointed in the right direction.
The Windham factory crew. Good Americans working for a good company.
A good friend of mine purchased a Windham R16M4A4T (basically a standard model M4- style carbine) and brought it over for some testing. First impressions of the rifle were that Windham isn't trying to be a redo of Bushmaster, they are working hard to be superior in every way. The finish of both the upper and lower were excellent, fit and form were fantastic,weighed in at around 7lbs approximately, and while this is important, the main thing is: HOW DOES IT SHOOT? Well, after the first range session with it I would say. very well. We began sending Winchester .223 55grain FMJ downrange through the R16's 1:9" twist Chrome Moly barrel, and at 100 yards without adjusting the iron sights at all, we got 1 inch to 1 1/4 inch groups. Remember, this was done without adjusting the sights at all. This was right from the box. 4 sets of 5 shot groups, all in the 1 inch to 1.25 inch area. We had some Wolf steel cased ammo, (I know, don't even start with me, I know. Steel=bad. It was there, so why not try it) and with the 2 groups of 5 shots of the Wolf, we got 1 3/4 inch to 2 1/4 inch groups. After the brief testing, we decided to break out into some good old fashioned blasting and after about 6 magazine dumps of PMC 55gr. FMJ, no failures, no malfunctions. I told my buddy I think she's a keeper. Windham Weaponry is producing a quality rifle for the civilian market, and not only that, they are doing something most companies could care less about these days: putting Americans back to work. That's reason enough to give them your business. Bravo to you, Mr. Dyke. You sir, are a rare breed indeed. A businessman who still has a passion for not only his business, but for his people. And that's worth more than all the money in the world. For more info, check out Windham's homepage:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ruger Announces 10/22 Take Down Rifle

Oh my, I am officially excited about this.
It comes as no surprise to anyone that I am a huge .22LR fan...Especially when it comes to the Ruger 10/22. I have been a true believer in the Ruger 10/22 for years,due to it's functionality, it's durability, it's reliability, and the endless number of options, variations, and accessories that are available for them. As a survival/ outdoorsman's rifle, the 10/22 has always been a viable choice. One thing I have always thought would be a great idea was for a mass produced conversion kit to change the mounting blocks on the barrel as so to make the rifle into a take down pack gun.
Ruger Co. has done one better. They have now officially announced the new 10/22 TakeDown Rifle. I see endless possibilities for this gun. I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on one for a few hours on target as well as taking it out camping.

If Ruger has order filling issues now, wait until this little baby catches on.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ruger Stops Accepting Firearms Orders?

Hello everyone,
I know. It's been well over a month since my last blog post. But I simply have not had the time or the inclination to post anything new. Very soon I hope to review the new 20 inch AR-15 that I built from Del-Ton components, as well as a couple of other little projects.
With access to a new range coming soon, I will be doing some serious shooting, which I hope will supply me with plenty of writing material.
I was browsing my regular firearms related websites this evening when I ran across this little news story.
"Ruger Stops Accepting Firearms Orders"

Apparently, the run on firearms and ammunition has already begun, even though the election is still months away. I remember the run back in 2008, and it was not pretty.
This time, we may actually have something to really worry about.
We are in the middle of one of the most Anti-Gun, anti-self defense, anti-freedom administrations in the history of the US. If Obama does manage to get re-elected ( which I believe is a very real possiblity) he WILL make a move on firearms. He has been quoted multiple times as saying that he WILL work towards gun control, even if it is under the radar.
Now whether or not this order freeze by Ruger Corp. is legit or simply a ploy to drive up demand, I do not know. But I can tell you now, that months after the 2008 election, ammo and tactical rifles of all makes and model were not to be had in shape or form.
I would suggest to anyone considering a gun purchase to do it now.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Gun Control Freaks Are Beating The War Drums Again...

As I am sure many of you have already seen, gun sales over the holidays skyrocketed all over the US. More people than ever before are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights, and I for one am positively gleeful that such is the case.
But as you can imagine, there are plenty of narrow minded folks who would love nothing more than to slap more restrictions or outright bans on firearms ownership within our Republic.
Tonight during the Super Bowl, New York's anti gun mayor Michael " I'm a Doushebag" Bloomberg and Boston mayor Thomas Menino will take to the airwaves touting more gun control in a public service announcement.
Both of these guys are members of MAIG or "Mayors Against Illegal Guns", a gun control advocacy group that they co-founded in 2006. The MAIG has a roster of mayors and town leaders all over the US, and many people have no idea that their elected officials may be a member of this gun-grabbing group. And it's not just Democrat or liberal mayors, the MAIG boasts several so-called "conservative" and Republican members as well.
Members of the MAIG say they are not trying to take guns away from their legal owners, just to close loopholes that allow criminals to get guns and move them around undetected.
But the problem with this is, that it's not the criminals that they are turning the screws on, it's gun shop dealers, private owners, and people who abide by the law anyway.
A criminal will break the law regardless of what you say or do. No matter how many restrictions or red tape you throw at a problem.
Bloomberg has always had a serious hate-on for gun owners and firearms in general, but as of late he's been rather quiet on the subject, as have many politicians. I guess many of them are starting to realize that there is a real and potent backlash from voters when you try to take away a fundamental right, such as self protection.
But the thing this time is, Bloomberg is in his 3rd and final term. If he pushes for something unpopular among the populace, it won't matter. The man has nothing to lose.
And that is something all gun owners in America need to take into consideration this fall when the Presidental election takes place. Obama has said openly, that gun control was an issue he believes in and is working behind the scenes to accomplish. One of the only things holding him back is fear of not being re-elected. If he manages to pull it out of the fire in November,....well Katie Bar the Door, as my grandfather used to say.
On a side note, both front runners in the Republican nominee race, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich both support certain measures of gun control as well,so don't think you're safe with one of them in the White House either.
Gun control is coming, and it's just a matter of time before they start shoving it down your throat. And to be honest with you, I don't know there's much that voting against one guy or the other )in the Presidency, or Congress or Governor..whatever election it may be) will change it.
All I will say when they try to push it on me is this:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Leatherwood Hi-Lux CMR Scope Review: A Military Arms Channel Video

I've been hearing some really good things about the Hi-Lux CMR.
As I get older, I can certainly tell that my eyesight is not what it used to be, and while I am a firm believer in iron sights, sometimes optics cannot be beat.
MAC (Military Arms Channel) delivers another excellent review in the following video:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Saiga Rifle: Quality Kalashnikov Project Gun

Most people who know AKs, know the Saiga. The Saiga ( named for a breed of antelope from the steppes of Eurasia) is a sporting version of the venerable Kalashnikov (AK) rifle which is produced by the Izhmash arms division in Russia. It offers the same piston driven reliability as the military version of the AK in a sporting package. When they first arrive in the US they look like this:

In a Monte Carlo style stock, no pistol grip, no flash hider, and with only a 10 round proprietary magazine. Many people who desire to own a true Russian made AK, will use these sporting rifles as a base model to build upon and have a full fledged Russian AK. Please keep in mind that when you modify a Saiga or any other imported rifle such as this, you must abide by 922r Compliance. I have never heard of anyone ever actually getting charged with non compliance to the 922r stipulation, but it's better to air on the side of caution. Without wasting a bunch of space explaining the ins and outs of 922r, I'll just say look it up for the details.Basically you have to use a number of all US made parts to make the gun "compliant".
A few years ago, I began a project of converting a 7.62x39mm Saiga into a more tactical form.
I had gotten it in a trade and decided that I could always use another Kalashnikov.
This weapon made the perfect project gun for me, and I set about adjusting her to fit my needs.
I added a Dinzag Arms bullet guide to the front trunnion so it will accept and feed from a standard AK magazine, as well as moving US-made Tapco trigger group forward into the correct spot and adding a Tapco SAW style pistol grip for the sake of 922r and a NATO length US made Polymer stock from K-VAR Corp. At the time, I found no replacement handguard that I particularly liked, and since there is no AK style handguard retainer on the barrel I couldn't use a standard wood set, so I kept the Saiga polymer front guard.
Additionally the standard leaf sights have been replaced with a Krebs Customs rear aperture sight.

The bullet guide installation is not something I would suggest to a novice machinist. I enlisted some help on this little task. I'm glad I did as it turned out quite nicely.
The Krebs Custom aperture sight is a great mod for this rifle. I love the sight picture it gives.

My result was this:

I was never happy with it, and wished I had done more modifications, so I decided that it was time to take the project forward after a multi- year hiatus.
After reading an article in the Complete Book of the AK47, I decided that a folding stock on this rifle would add to the versatility of this rifle.
I decided to go with  skeletonized machined stock as well as an ACE side folding mechanism ( which by the way is compatible with all manner of stock designs).

One thing to consider when doing this mod, is that the trunnion block that you add will require that you cut of the rear tang of the rifle, which means you will be stuck with at least an ACE type stock of some sort. You won't being going back to a traditional stock again. So think long and hard before you do this mod.
I sliced off the rear tang very carefully with my cutting disc, minding not to get into the area where the recoil spring stops.

After you make sure you have it flush, time to add the trunnion block.
The block slides into the back of the receiver and the four lock screws go through the sides of the receiver by way of the holes in the Saiga receiver. (the holes are a result of the trigger group being moved forward, back to the traditional position of the trigger in a standard AK)

The top screw goes through the trunnion block and it's then locked in place. I mounted the folder adapter in the right side folding position and then mounted the stock to that.
I decided that the Tapco SAW style grip had to go, so I went back with a Hogue rubberized grip instead.
stock unfolded and locked in the shooting position

with stock set up to fold to the right, allowing the use of the optic mounting rail on the left side of the receiver.

The project Saiga as she stands now. Another mod to the front may be coming soon.

The stock locks up nicely, with no slop. Recoil is not overly noticeable, and it helps give the rifle a more modular ability. I can store it in a relatively small area, making it a great truck gun, a camp rifle, a SHTF gun, etc.
A quad rail handguard was added along with the Magpul AFG, (which I don't care for on most guns, but it seems to work well on the Saiga). As of writing this, I am considering changing the front rail system to something lighter, possibly the Midwest Industries rail handguard, or modding it to accept standard wood, and utilizing the very nice Timbersmith US made wood handguards.
I am pleased with the work, and I haven't second guessed the permanent modification to the rear trunnion.
I will be looking into having someone thread the barrel and adding the Venom Antidote muzzle brake which is available from the great guys over at Rifle Dynamics.
After all that is finished, time for the CeraKote.
Time and Money, the two things that stand in the way of perfection.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The LUCID HD7 Red Dot Optic

I am always looking for good quality optics that won't necessarily drain the wallet dry. And while I do agree that when it comes to optics, generally you get what you pay for, there are some lower cost optics that will provide the average shooter with a good quality scope or red dot, and will last them a lifetime of shooting, and will not cost them as much as many of more well known brands.
Military Arms Channel takes a look at the LUCID HD7 red dot:

And now, an update: