Monday, October 1, 2012

The Tavor is Coming to the United States

Image by Military Arms Channel

After quite a bit of speculation, the rumors are indeed comfirmed. The Tavor will be coming to the US very soon, possibly as early as 1st Quarter of 2013.
For those of you who somehow may not know, the IWI Tavor bullpup rifle is the state of the art weapons system of the Israeli Defense Force.
It features ambidextrous controls and ejection that can be changed out to fit the particular user, it utilizes AR15 style STANAG magazines, and gives the end user a lightweight,reliable, weapon system.
The main bugaboo that I have is the price tag. Possible MSRP of $1900 is WAY out of my ballpark. But if it lives up to it's reputation, then for the folks out there with deep pockets it may be worth every penny.

Sturmgewehre from Military Arms Channel apparently bribed someone or something and managed to get a sneak peek at this awesome little package.
MAC's Article:

MAC's Sneak Peek Video:


  1. In early 2005, back when I was still on Active Duty, I had the opportunity to travel to Tel Aviv for a CT conference. As part of our visit, we got a day-long tour of several IDF training areas, and one the areas was the SHOOTING RANGE! I got to put 3 full magazines through a Tavor, the last one on full auto. I LOVED this gun!!! The bullpup design was incredibly comfortable, the length of the weapon was very easy to carry, use in CQB, fired from the hip well, and just settled to a natural aim-point every time I lifted it. On full auto, it had only a little muzzle lift and was easily controlled. One note - it is not "ambidextrous." Lefties MUST convert it as mentioned in the video.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and you are correct, it's not truly ambi, the controls are manually changed by the end user.