Sunday, April 29, 2012

Military Arms Channel:UW Gear AK Magazine Pouch Bandoleer

In recent years, the AK style of rifle has really grown in popularity among US gun owners, particularly among the tactical crowd and the preparedness minded individual. The simple design, along with the affordable price tag of many decent AK rifles has been a blessing for many folks who want a reliable, no frills rifle for a long term defense situation. Companies have been releasing various accessories and support equipment for the AK and it's variants, some of these accessories have been better than others. One of the areas that I have always thought was a bit lacking in options for the tactical minded, prepared civilian is good quality magazine gear. There are plenty of chest rigs, vests, armor, and whatnot geared toward Military, and law enforcement. But someone needed to come up with some no frills, reasonable equipment for the average guy. UW Gear has done so. Military Arms Channel takes a look at UW Gear's AK Mag Pouch Bandoleer and the innovations that are just too simple to fail. FOR MORE INFO, VISIT UW GEAR'S WEBSITE:

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