Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Lever Action Rifle: An Alternative Defense Rifle?

Custom Lever Action from Grizzly Customs

Well, if you are coming late to the party,like some many of the proverbial Grasshoppers, and have been trying to pick up an AR-15, A Kalashnikov style rifle, or any other semi-automatic, you have no doubt discovered that with the Anti-Gun movement that is sweeping the land, they are few and far between. Not to mention that fact that the prices have gone from high to abso-frickin-lutely ruh-tarded.
Might I suggest, instead of spending $1800 plus on just a rifle and then another small fortune on ammo and mags, perhaps you should look into an often forgotten weapon system, the lever action rifle.
Even if you were one of prudent Ants that knew this was coming down the pipe or have had semi autos for years, maybe you are looking for a rifle that is a little more subtle to be your truck rifle, a good quality lever action will fit that bill.
Lever action rifles have been in use since the 1860s, their simple yet reliable design have proven themselves over these many years.
They come in a variety of styles and calibers, from the big .45-70 and the mid sized .30-30 Winchester, to the pistol calibers such as .45 Long Colt and .357Magnum/.38Special.
With some practice and training, a lever action will serve you well as a home defense rifle, hunting rifle, or utility gun.
Believe me when I say, a lever action WILL NEVER replace a good AR-15, but in a restrictive environment, be it a gun unfriendly state like California, or any area where a semi auto tactical rifle might draw unwanted attention,a lever action looks a little less "scary".
Instructor Uli Gebhard

Uli Gebhard has written a great article on the pros and cons of the lever action rifle in a combat or defense role. Is it perfect? of course not, but one must make do with what one has at hand. Give it a read:
Additionaly, WISHSE talks about the .357Magnum Lever action/revolver combination in his video:

Larry Potterfield and Rob Pincus also discuss the Lever Action rifle as a defense rifle:

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