Friday, January 4, 2013

The Cries For Gun Control Continue: Our Friend Lunchbox Weighs In...

Well, the anti gunners are beating the war drums day and night, decrying the wicked and evil "assault weapons", demanding hardcore action be taken to curb the violence.
And in true Liberal Idiot fashion, they are completely ignoring the facts that the criminal base and the downright fucking crazy aren't going to abide by any law. If they want to kill people, there is always a way. These new pieces of legislation hurt only the law abiding citizen.
Our friend and PG&G Contributor, Lunchbox, took the time to weigh in on the current climate here in America.

Lunchbox's Opinion
As for the whole restricting guns business in the face of the Newtown tragedy, The only thing that stops evil men with guns is good men with guns... it's not an oversimplification of a complex social problem, but a bare fact.
We all need to realize that it is our responsibility to maintain our own safety and that no proxy, no public official, law enforcement officer, or government agent has the duty to defend or secure our safety. That means responsible, upstanding members of our communities need to exercise their rights of self protection and secure themselves and those in their charge not sometimes,but all the time; Nobody has a cop in their hip pocket, but they could carry the necessary safety-rescue device quite easily ( = Handgun)...
Dangerous predators aren't always the enemies of our way of life that we find in the mountains of the Hindu-Kush, but are often found in our bedroom communities just like in Newton. Striking out against types/styles/ and numbers of weapons won't work - did you know that Newtown resides in a state that already has an 'assault' weapons ban in place? Wow, big fail CT.
Addressing active shooters and the dangers posed by criminal minds and the mentally unhealthy to our safety and our children's safety won't go away with any broad or categorical restrictions on our rights and gun ownership. All that will do is increase the regulatory power of a government already out of control, burden communities with new classes of criminality, and make political dissidents of more law-abiding citizen and patriots than I could count.
Our society is an ailing one and certain fixes are never that certain no matter how awful things get. But I do know one thing - only we can make a difference when confronting evil - each of us has to be prepared for it, like it or not.

Short, sweet and to the point.
Where are you at in this ,America? You'd better get your footing solid.
Dig in.

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