Monday, December 5, 2011

As Economic Problems Rise, So Does The Crime Rate

I got a disturbing call from a friend of mine in Florida today.
His wife had taken the kids to the local park on Sunday morning for a little family time. It's a good neighborhood with low crime, nice area, nothing out of the ordinary. She was approached by a man with a knife demanding money, which she responded with pepper spray and the man ran into a wooded area. She was obviously shaken, but my friend said she has now been spurred to finally get a concealed weapons permit, so maybe some good has come from this.
This is not an isolated incident. Crime is rising all over the chart. Home invasions, robberies, carjacking, murders, you name it. As the economic system continues its decline into...God only knows where it will stop, people become very desperate. Folks who otherwise would be law abiding citizens, when faced with the possibility of being penniless and unable to provide for their family, will do some pretty outrageous things. The individuals who have been suckling at the unending teat of government welfare are faced for the first time with having to fend for themselves. They will either cowboy up and do become self sufficient, give up and become destitute, or more likely they will find other means of satisfaction.
Considering the government cutbacks in funding for law enforcement and prisons, crime rates will do nothing to continue to rise. And that boys and girls is why we have to be responsible for our own safety. In the article at the link below by Dave Workman of the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, we look at some of these concerns and how many law abiding citizens are looking to themselves, not the government or an over worked understaffed LEO community, for their protection. My friends on the West Coast should take notice of this article.

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