Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Weapons Lights and Training for Night Shooting- A Sootch00 Video

Many people do not take in to consideration that many of your home defense situations will take place at night in the dark, so it's a prudent idea to have a good quality weapons light attached to your home defense weapons, whether it be an AR, a shotgun, or a handgun.
I plan on doing some stuff of my own about weapons lights in the near future, but until then, here is a great video by Sootch00 on weapons lights and their applications in the dark.



  1. True words from Sootch. I only recently got lights on my primaries. I am working on getting a night shoot scheduled with my homies.

  2. Just like any other home defense accessory, you gotta make sure it's good quality. And good quality doesn't always mean expensive. Additionally, like any other piece of your gear, it must be maintained. The last thing I want to happen in a bad situation is for my light's batteries to go dead, because I could follow shortly after.