Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just So You Know, Girls Can Shoot Too. It's OK.

Hello, my furry little friends. I hope your Christmas was a safe and happy one, without too much stress and hustle and bustle. Mine was actually quite good, and was spent with family and friends.
For Christmas this year, I took some of my own advice (from my post back on Dec 11th) and gave my niece and nephew their very own Daisy Buck carbine air rifles, which are smaller lighter versions of the Red Ryder Carbine, perfect for smaller kids. My nephew, I had no doubt, would take to his own rifle, since he has always enjoyed shooting my .22 rimfire rifles, but I was concerned about how well my niece would take getting an air rifle for Christmas. Much to my pleasant surprise, she was as thrilled, if not more,as my nephew. She could hardly wait for us to finish our Christmas meal so we could go out and test them out. So out we went, and we sat up some soda cans and they began plinking away. I was surprised to find that while my nephew's form was good, he was impatient and tended to pull his shots. My niece, whose form needs some work, concentrated on her shots, took her time, and in the end was making better, far more consistent shots than my nephew. I believe that with practice and help, she will become quite the little marksman, or markswoman.
I want my niece to understand that just because she is a girl, does not mean that she can't shoot, she is just as capable as anyone else. So many parents have sheltered their daughters from things they consider to be dangerous. The world will not care that they have been sheltered as children and it will show them no mercy. So it's up to parents to teach their daughters the skills they need to take on the world. And learning firearms is one of those skills. Girls in many cases develop faster than their male counterparts, and that actually gives them an advantage, and they by all means should take it.
If your daughter shows interest in the shooting sports, instead of telling her "girls don't shoot" and turning her into a prissy froo froo princess, help develop the traits that will make her into a strong independent woman when she grows up.
Besides, if you nurture those skills, she might grow up to be the next Julie Golob, and then she can buy you a new car.

Shooting Champion Julie Golob: Deadlier than most men I know.


  1. Dang that girl can SHOOT. Love to see the kids out shooting, just had my boys on the range the last weekend before Christmas. Always a good time.

  2. Hey man, I need info about your 10/22 fake flash suppressor. I'd like one for my gun and cannot seem to google fu the flash hider you have. looks like it's held on with a roll pin thru the dovetail, correct? It also seems that the factory barrel is peeking out of the hider at the front.


  3. That was actually a modified barrel shroud that came with the Archangel 556 stock kit. It originally had a longer body on it that slid onto the barrel. I thought it was a bit hokey, so I used a Dremel to cut it down to an authentic length and it still pins in place.