Sunday, December 4, 2011

Keepin' It On The Downlow: Don't Be So Quick To Talk About Your Preps

Well, boys and girls, hope you're ready for another week.
Last week, my friend Heavy G (known for the Guerilla Radio Podcast) did a guest article over at WilderWolf about being a closet prepper.

In the article he talks about how he has tried in the past to make his wife understand the importance of being prepared for potential bad situations in the future, and he has been met with less than enthusiastic results. And being the Sheepdog that he is, G decided that in the best interest of his family, what his wife doesn't know won't hurt her.
Aside from the potential issues that prepping would cause his family, G discusses how this information would prove harmful to his career. It becomes a black mark that he could never shake, and his ability to financially support his family would be hindered. And so, he works tirelessly in secret, the ever vigilant Covert Ant.
His article got me to thinking about my own approach to prepping; for the majority of the time that I have been a full-speed prepper, I had been open to many of my friends and family, even trying to "spread the Good Word" among them, with mixed results. My mother and stepfather, while aware of the current state of affairs in this world, seemed to be content to sit back and wait for God to come out of the sky and save them if the SHTF. Now take in mind, that I fully believe in the power of faith, and I believe the Good Lord works miracles, but sometimes there has to be a little input from us.
My brother, while a hunter and 2nd Amendment supporter, is clueless to the fragile nature of our society, and is content to live with his nose to the grindstone and his head in the sand.
Other relatives are of the opinion that I am a complete wackjob. As are many of my former friends. In retrospect, I believe I would have been far better off to have kept my actions to myself, instead of trying to save a clueless ungrateful few.
Today, I am a much more introverted prepper. What I do, I keep to myself. And the subject is never broached among casual friends, or DGI ( don't get it) family members.
You see, as it is now, they view people like us as paranoid, distrustful or downright foolish. We are the butt of jokes, and we are mocked and ridiculed. Which actually, I am perfectly fine with.
What I am not so fine with is the possibility of them remembering the words that they laughed at, when those words don't seem so foolish. You see, it a lot like people who are opposed to guns, right up until the point when they need one, and suddenly their viewpoint changes.
The issue is this: If, God forbid, we ever have a Katrina type situation or even worse....I have what I need to take care of my family, which is me, my wife, my dogs, and a select few ( and I do mean SELECT FEW) others. The rest of them are on their own. I do not want to be put into a situation where I may have to escort ( or worse) people off my property for begging. People have a tendency to remember where their bread is buttered. And they may decide that you don't need all that you have.

Seriously, I have no Mac N' Cheese for you.

It's not a situation I hope to have to play out. And while much damage is already done, and I can't change the past I can somewhat avert any future issues that might arise.
Now is not the time to convince people to change. If they can change, they will have to come into it on their own. I will not stick my neck out for them any longer. Birds who stick their neck out too far end up on the dinner table.
And yes, I am aware of the irony of my posting an article about laying low on a website that anyone and their uncle, God and everybody can see. I am a conundrum in that sense.
Have a good week, my furry friends.

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