Sunday, November 20, 2011

Food Poisoning and an All Around Crappy Weekend

Well, so much for my weekend filled with testing and reviewing. I apparently had something to eat that carried some nasty little organisms on it, and these pesky little monsters set up shop in my gut and intestines. My 2 days off have been filled with multiple trips to the bathroom, cold chills, and generally feeling like crap. I did manage to pull myself off the couch for about an hour this afternoon to test a couple magazines-full of the Chiappa Arms .22LR AR magazine.
I found these at the local gun shop (Carolina Guns and Gold, they are the go-to guys here in central NC for all guns tactical) and after looking them over, I decided to give one a try in my CMMG .22 upper. The Chiappa Arms upper never really impressed me, but after looking at their mags, I found that the size of the body and the feed lips were identical to the CMMG and Black Dog Machine .22 AR magazines. The one added pro to this: It has a a thumb stud on the mag follower which allows the shooter to load the mag with greater ease , much like the thumb studs on the side of the Ruger MKIII and Browning Buckmark mags.
While it's long term durability remains to be seen, it's overall function has been good, only one hangup during the session, and that was probably due to me loading it improperly.
More to come on that.
Here's wishing you a good week, I hope my food poisoning will have subsided by tomorrow.
Oh and if I don't make another post before, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
Seriously, BE THANKFUL for what you have. It's times like these that we need to take inventory of our blessings.
Have a good one, and keep your powder dry.

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