Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kershaw Overdrive OD-2: Big Value In A Little Knife

Seriously, I think my family is going to have to give me an intervention. Every time I see a deal on a knife, I snatch it up. I can't control myself, but really, who can blame me? Knives and guns are my little joys in life, and they have purpose.
I figure it's a lot better than being a drunk or a woman-chaser. ( I'm sure my wife would frown on both those "hobbies").
I have the fortune to work part-time (along with multiple other endeavors) for Mike Politoski of the Saturday Night Knife And Gun Show, which airs nation wide every Saturday night 8PM Eastern on Dish Network's Channel 224, as well as re-airing on their website at .
Mike is a great down to earth guy who also happens to be a fellow Patriot, and supporter of the 2nd Amendment. A country gentleman if there ever was one, Mike is not only a good character on the TV, but he's a good guy in real life.
So by working for him, I find a lot of great deals on knives, since I'm there when they first come in, much to the frustration of my wife, who swears if I clutter our house up any more with blades,firearms, and tactical gear, she's going to move me into the old smokehouse.
Several weeks ago, I got my hands on one of the show specials, the Kershaw Overdrive OD-2 knife. I eyed it for several days before I actually purchased it, not really needing another knife. But the little red suited and horned version of me sitting on my left shoulder won the argument, and I purchased this little blade. I'm glad I did.

The Kershaw OD-2 ( 1770 series, 8Cr13MoV stainless steel ) is a super light, sleek flipper knife designed by Lee Williams. The black handles are a glass filled nylon, and feel appealing in the hand. It's about 5 1/4 inches long when open, and folds into a compact 3 inches,closed.
It's weight is an unnoticeable 1.4 ounces, which is always a plus when looking for an
EDC (every day carry) knife. The pocket clip is removable or can be moved from one side to the other. The 8Cr is a great quality steel for the money, and in previous knives I've always had good experience with it holding a decent edge. The blade mechanism is interesting.
You pull back on the blade protrusion while flicking your wrist and the inertia does the rest. When the blade is fully locked open, the back protrusion folds into a recess in the body, giving the back of the knife a smooth, sleek profile.
The photo gives you a comparative size

I have a bad habit of carrying large blades on me, such as the CRKT Kasper or the Kershaw Tremor, and while they are excellent knives, they can sometime be far too bulky and heavy to carry in certain situations. The OD-2 is a quality blade, that functions in multiple applications, and at approx. $20, it's not going to drain your cash flow too much.
I'm not sure what the current availability Mike has on these right now, but they are still on the website for show special price of $16.99, you cannot beat that with a stick.
So, go over to the website , go to the search engine at the top of the page, and type in "OVERDRIVE", and it will pop right up.
You won't be sorry with your purchase, and you'll be supporting a patriotic small company in the process.

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