Monday, November 7, 2011

Thoughts on Concealed Carry Pistols

Well, ladies and gentlemen. Another week has begun, and I'm sure all you folks were oh so happy that you were headed back to work this morning. Seriously....those of us who actually have a job should drop down on our knees and thank God Almighty that we are gainfully employed.
The economy is in the crapper, and with signs everywhere that it's getting worse, don't expect a true upswing anytime soon.
Greece and Europe are on the edge of the precipice, with almost zero confidence in their financial systems, leading some to speculate that an eminent breakdown of the EU is very likely.
The Occupy Wall Street goons are still at it, using kids as human shields and attacking conservatives over the weekend. Their hate speech is spreading like a virus; swastikas and anti Semitic graffiti were found on NYC library branches and at a synagogue .
Reports from Israel today, are hinting to military action against Iran "very soon."
Oh it's warm fuzzies all around!

With all this happening around us, now more than ever it is important that we prepare to defend ourselves. Since you just never know what and when something is going to happen, you have a duty to yourself and your family to be willing to use force to defend yourselves, and since we can't live in a bunker curled up in the fetal position with our rifles all the time, we have to go out into the world and live our lives. And that, my friends is when the Concealed Weapons Permit comes into the picture. I have been a CCW permit holder for 5 years now, and this whole time, I have been carrying a full size sidearm. A Ruger P95, a M1911 full size, or a Glock 17. And while this is perfectly fine is some scenarios where you have a way to conceal a full size gun (such as winter, when they can be hidden under a jacket), many times these firearms have just been too heavy and bulky, making you far more prone to being "made" by someone with a keen eye. Now is the time to keep a low profile, and with that in mind, I finally picked up a Kel-Tec PF9 this weekend. Incredibly light, slim, and super easy to conceal, my initial impressions are quite good. I literally just shot it for the first time about 45 minutes ago, and while it's a little jumpy with the recoil ( unavoidable when it's so lightweight) once you learn to control it, it's pretty easy to keep on your target. Just some brief points I want to bring up:
*It's Super light; this little puppy comes in at just under 13 ounces.
*It's chambered in a potent caliber. I don't care what those doushebag gun snobs say, 9mm is not something I want to get shot with. I don't want to get shot at all!
*With it's sleek lines it doesn't print through your clothing like others will.

It's got some downsides, like some rough edges that need to be smoothed out, and only 7+1 capacity, but that's the sacrifice you make for a small package.
I will have a far more in depth review on this in the future. But I just wanted to drop that seed into your mind about a good decent "pocket" pistol.
Things aren't getting any nicer out there in the world, and we need to have some situational awareness about our surroundings. A good concealed weapon, used responsibly, will give you an advantage in a bad situation, and I think the PF9 make be that weapon.

More to come later. Stay Tuned.


  1. I got one of the Diamondback DB380's not too long ago, and although it's a cool little design, and i want to like it so bad, it's FTF, and FTE's simply won't allow me to keep it as a CCW gun much longer? Had a chance to mess with one of those yet?

  2. I have not yet had the chance to play with the Diamondbacks, although Nutnfancy had the same issues with his DB380 as you are describing, and I don't think he ever got the resolved. Maybe some more research and development is going to be needed for them to be a dependable CCW.
    By the way, thanks for the post, Liam. Glad to have you on board. :)